Commercial MVHR

While Solarcrest are capable of retrofitting MVHR into occupied commercial premises with zero downtime for the client, it’s certainly not easy hovering over desks, plant, or stock, while you’re fitting enormous ducting without creating dust. But if your precious staff are breathing in air pollution or nodding off after lunch, sometimes needs must. We’d much rather work on void buildings as part of a wider retrofit programme under a principal contractor, or ideally new builds.

As Airflow preferred partners Solarcrest offer the complete range of commercial MVHR solutions. Options include large, single-room, ceiling mounted, decentralised, duct-less MVHR units suitable for classrooms with 30 students plus teacher, through to complex medical establishments where the amount, direction, and temperature of the air movement needs to meet strict health guidelines, beyond those outlined by CIBSE.

Commercial Insulation

Some clients are keen to reduce energy consumption for environmental reasons or ISO14001 accreditation. Sustainability marketing is definitely flavour of the month. But all clients like reducing overheads, and energy usage has certainly become the mother of all overheads. The trouble is, after the low hanging fruit, i.e. LED lights and solar panels, the measures required for deep cuts in consumption don’t come cheap and can involve considerable disruption. So the challenge is finding owner occupiers willing to accept long term ROI.

If that’s you, Solarcrest offer all manner of building fabric upgrades with the exception of external wall insulation and cladding. Agricultural buildings, schools, care homes, and offices. Anywhere that needs lower heating or cooling bills and a lower carbon footprint. Hard-to-treat cavity walls and above-flat-roof insulation with weather protection are popular, as well as quick and easy to apply compared to traditional alternatives.

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