Build Tight & Ventilate Right is the mantra of the Energy Savings Trust, so that's exactly what we offer. MVHR with airtight insulation.
Eliot Warrington, MD & Founder
Build Tight
New spray-applied, breathable foam insulation avoids air leaks that spoil performance, provides airtightness easily, offers unbeatable sound-proofing, saves time and avoids waste. Try it and you'll see why we stopped using everything else..
Ventilate Right
MVHR is 'best practice' because it filters dust, pollen and pollution from your home, manages humidity and removes odours. All without losing heat. Solarcrest design supply and fit the quietest systems on the market. Check our reviews, you won't be disappointed..
Complete Eco-Retrofit
Looking for a warm, healthy & economical home?

Imagine a home with filtered fresh air in every room, all day every day; no odours, moisture or airbourne pollutants; a draught-free roof that cuts out noise and keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer; walls that reflect warmth back into the property instead of heating the street; smart new maintenance-free render, brick and/or timber facades that add real wow factor. A super home like this is warm, comfortable and healthy to live in and costs a fraction to heat compared to the home you're in now. Sounds great, but assuming you'd rather not move or knock down your home what's the answer?

Welcome to Solarcrest, purveyors of eco-retrofit. Our expert team of eco builders supply and fit the best energy saving products on the market. Our speciality is the whole house 'thermal upgrade', incorporating high performance roof and wall insulation with whole house heat recovery ventilation. Experienced in public, private and social housing retrofits from bungalows to tower blocks, Solarcrest is the only company in the UK who offers this holistic home improvement package.

The mantra of the Energy Savings Trust is 'Build Tight - Ventilate Right', but when you're actually building or renovating a property it's more practical to install the ducting first, after the roof is weather-tight and ahead of the plumbing and electrics first fix, so our mantra is 'Ventilate Right - then Insulate Tight'.

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Solarcrest†are on a mission to reduce Carbon emissions from the built environment. Itís our goal to minimise the environmental impact of your property, or to put it another way, to help you reduce your gas, electricity and water consumption as much as physically possible. We do that by looking at the whole picture rather than individual measures in isolation, specifying the most effective products rather than the cheapest, then applying them properly and in the correct order. Simple really..