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with Eco Retrofit
  Solarcrest provide a one-stop-shop for complete eco retrofit. If you don't know where to start please call us
Eliot Warrington, Founder
Green Deal Cash Back
There's no hiding the fact that Green Deal has not delivered the jobs, energy or Carbon savings that were promised, so to drum up demand DECC are giving away £120M in cash with no strings attached. If you want some don't hang around..
ECO funding?
Until recently the Energy Company Obligation was a clever scheme whereby the big six providers offset their Carbon emissions by helped to pay for your energy efficiency measures. It seems they've offset enough emissions now so the scheme is dying a death. Still, it was almost good while it lasted..
Complete Eco-Retrofit
Looking for a warm, healthy & economical home?

Imagine a home with filtered fresh air in every room, all day every day; no odours, moisture or airbourne pollutants; a draught-free roof that cuts out noise and keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer; walls that reflect warmth back into the property instead of heating the street; smart new maintenance-free render, brick and/or timber facades that add real wow factor. A super home like this would be warm, comfortable and healthy to live in and would cost half as much to run as the home you're in now. Sounds great, but assuming you'd rather not move or knock down your home what's the answer?

Welcome to Solarcrest, purveyors of eco-retrofit. Our expert team of eco builders supply and fit the best energy saving products on the market. Our speciality is a whole house 'thermal upgrade', incorporating high performance roof and wall insulation with high efficiency heat recovery ventilation. Experienced in public, private and social housing retrofits from bungalows to tower blocks, Solarcrest are approved Green Deal installers with access to the new Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF), which means we can help you pay for your super home improvements.

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Solarcrest†are on a mission to reduce Carbon emissions from the built environment. Itís therefore our goal to minimise your environmental impact, or to put it another way, to help you reduce your gas, electricity and water consumption as much as physically possible. We do that by looking at the whole picture rather than individual measures in isolation. Most of the products are manufactured in the UK and most of our installers are local specialists.