15 years later..

We’re still on course despite government ‘initiatives’ that fail to prioritise demand reduction and instead reward energy generation (FiT on Solar, RHi on heating etc). Despite all the rhetoric the ‘fabric first’ approach still lacks significant support.


The Code for Sustainable Homes was scrapped because it made houses more expensive to build. Green Deal failed because the energy saving measures would barely pay for the extortionate interest on the loans, the Energy Company Obligation was counter-productive because it only sponsored measures deemed to save the most carbon, so resulted in sealed properties with poor ventilation. The Future Homes Standard should help when it rolls out in a couple of years, but it still lacks the ambition required to meet the 2050 targets.


and Most of our customers are projects are now ‘Forever Homes’ for people who put their savings into their castle. Luxury custom/self builds, full refurbishments often with a remodel or extension, ambitious barn conversions, or deep ‘digger-in-the-living-room’ retrofits.

Solarcrest doesn’t tinker around the edges picking low hanging fruit, and we don’t do solar panels. We do the one thing that’s most important; the building fabric. Beginning with the thing it needs the most; energy efficient ventilation.

When the opportunity arises, we enjoy a bit of social and commercial on the side. Small passive social housing schemes, school refurbs, heritage buildings, commercial upgrades and conversions normally. All it takes is an ambitious, like-minded client with the right budget.

Our ethos..

The benefit of working with pragmatic, knowledgeable, Environment Conscious Building specialists is that we want to reduce your energy consumption as much as you do. Because saving you money is how we reduce emissions. And the way we do that, is by doing what we would do in your position with our knowledge.

Admittedly, we’re a little more expensive than most because we only fit the best we can find. Stuff that lasts longer and ultimately costs less to own. And we’ve got the best team of designers, installers, and managers in the business. Think of the extra as an investment in peace of mind that improves your comfort and health, gives the kids the right message as well as the right environment, and pays a better return than an ISA.

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Our focus

To create healthy, comfortable, ultra-efficient buildings the correct (and logical) order of business is to focus on demand reduction first, then plan your renewable heat and power to suit. And the way to reduce demand is to follow the mantra of the Energy Savings Trust; Build Tight – Ventilate Right. Hence the first thing we offer you, because it’s the first thing to plan after you get permission to build, is the best MVHR system money can buy.

MVHR is the start, so that’s our focus. You can’t minimise demand without sealing the building, and you can’t seal the building without MVHR. When we know you’re properly ventilated, step two is sealing the building.

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We like to think we're doing the right things in the right order, and for the right reasons. Like focusing on energy conservation ahead of heat pumps and solar panels. Judging by our reviews, people seem to appreciate our fabric first approach.
Eliot Warrington
MD & Founder
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