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To prepare for the initial design meeting we study the latest plans you have available, particularly the structural elements that could significantly impact the MVHR. Preferred plantroom size and location, the intermediate floors, steelwork, riser locations, and the insulation line. We’ll be looking for any obvious show-stoppers as well as potential overheating risks.

With a better understanding of the building structural and spacial plan, we can offer suggestions and guidance to assist with the technical design (RIBA Stage 4). It should only be necessary for the client and Principal Designer to attend this first meeting.

Following the meeting, the principal designer may need to tweak the construction drawings and consult with frame manufacturers, structural engineers, thermal modelling or fire safety specialists, other M&E providers, Building Control, or the principal contractor.

When any required amends have been incorporated into the two-dimensional CAD plans, our next step is to build a 3D Revit model, assuming none is available. The three-dimensional MVHR is then designed to fit the 3D model.

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