Restoring the Eco-lodge in Bollington was a not-for-profit social enterprise completed by Solarcrest on behalf of Go-Lo Macclesfield
A-Rated Eco-Lodge..
Turners Eco-Lodge in Bollington
Sustainable redevelopment by locals for locals

A former public toilet block in Bollington, the local landmark had become run down and unloved. Once a local organisation took control of the property Solarcrest were approached by go-lo Macclesfield to manage and run a full retrofit to convert the building into a fully functioning display property for eco superhomes.

A difficult project due to the location of the property and freezing conditions, Solarcrest designed and managed the process from start to finish, with the block now almost entirely carbon neutral and back in regular use.

The result is a new lease of life for a historic building, which is now helping local residents to gain information on improving the energy efficiency of their own homes.


“The block had fallen into disrepair and was basically an eyesore in the town by the time Bollington Initiative Trust acquired it from Cheshire East Council with a view to renovating it into a community building. We were open to what use it should be, and when Bollington Carbon Revolution suggested an eco-show property, we started applying for grants.

“This is where Go-lo and then Solarcrest got involved in the project, and helped us get the grants we needed to proceed with the renovation. Were there any problems with the project?

“There were plenty! It was a very difficult job, and there were issues with land ownership for a disabled access ramp, there were problems getting a consistent supply of electricity, and overhanging trees effecting the solar panels that were being fitted, and the weather was terrible as well. But Solarcrest ploughed on and completed the work to an excellent standard, it looks better than ever now, and my personal highlight was that they managed to retain a mosaic which was laid when the building was first built and is now central to the open space inside.”

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