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LED 5W Dimmable Candle Bulb
5W, 240V, 320 lumens, 30,000 hours life

This bulb is at the latest in LED technology and design. Constructed in a copper plastic casing with heat sink profile. Capable of producing 320 lumens. Available in either cool white or warm white making it a perfect soloution to any residential or commercial application.

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LED 5W Dimmable Candle Bulb
5W, 240V, 320 lumens, 30,000 hours life

As the cost of living in the 21 century rises Solarcrest presents you with a 22 century solution to help reduce your energy consumption and reduce your impact on the environment.LED lighting technology has come a long way from its inception in the early 1900s. The choice to replace old inefficient incandescent bulbs with Low energy LED replacement bulbs has never been easier.


LEDs produce more light per watt than incandescent bulbs and therefore require up to 80% less power to achieve the same light levels.

On/off time:

LEDs light up instantly compared to low energy CFL bulbs.


LEDs are ideal for use in applications that are subject to frequent on-off cycling.


Solarcest has sourced a range of dimmable bulbs to suit your every need.

Cool light:

In contrast to most light sources, LEDs radiate very little heat and run cool to the touch. There is also no UV or IR radiation that can cause damage to sensitive objects or fabrics.


All Bri-Tek LED lamps will give you up to 40,000 hours of useful life and could last up to 100,000 hours before complete failure. For average use in a domestic household this can mean up to 10 years of use before they need replacing.

Slow failure:

LEDs fail by dimming over time, rather than the abrupt burn-out of traditional bulbs.

Shock resistance:

LEDs, are extremely robust being solid state components, are difficult to damage with external shock, unlike fluorescent and incandescent bulbs which are fragile.


LEDs do not contain mercury which is a growing problem with most traditional lamps when it comes to end of life.

100% Retrofit:

Solarcrest strive to provide a variety of contemporary designs and cap fittings to give you the widest choice of replacement LED lamp to brighten up your home. What this means that not only do LEDs replace existing lamps they are beautiful to look at and enhance the feel and look of any enviroment.