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Vortice External Filter Box
Designed to simplify MVHR maintenance

The galvanized external filter box is designed to simplify maintenance of the Vortice MVHR units (HR200 and HR400) in situations where the MVHR itself may not be readily accessible. Introducing separate filters away from the main heat exchanger unit makes it quick and easy to change or clean filters.

Thanks to a specially sized filter that guarantees perfect filtering characteristics, the interval between filter cleaning/replacement is also extended.

Each external filter box has 2 x 150mm spigots, so two 150mm to 125mm reducers are included within the price. Please also note that two external filters are required for each MVHR unit for the main air intake and outlet ducts.

Our price: 128.00 each
(153.60 inc.)
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Vortice External Filter Box
Designed to simplify MVHR maintenance

Solarcrest offer a free design service for Vortice heat recovery systems. Please send a copy of your plans, elevations & sections to or call 0845 833 0388

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