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Pre-Heater for air intake
500W heater for Prometeo HR400

The Prometeo HR400 Pre Heating Unit ensures frosting does not occur by pre heating the fresh incoming air. Designed to operate in particularly cold weather.

Product Features:

  • Automatic operation below minus 9 degrees
  • Prevents MVHR frosting in harsh climates
  • Galvanized steel casing

Solarcrest offer a free design service for Vortice heat recovery systems. Please send a copy of your plans, elevations & sections to or call 0845 833 0388

Our price: 71.00 each
(85.20 inc.)
Product details ..
Pre-Heater for air intake
500W heater for Prometeo HR400

When the temperature and relative humidity of air entering and leaving the Prometeo HR400 unit are such that frost may form on the heat exchanger surface, the efficiency of the unit can be affected.

The Prometeo HR400 automatically controls the fan speed to allow defrosting in low temperatures, in particularly harsh climates this may not solve the problem. In such cases where the outdoor air temperature drops below minus 9 degrees centigrade, Vortice recommend the installation of a 500W pre-heater on the air intake duct to warm the incoming air.

The Prometeo 500W heater will operate automatically for the minimum time needed to solve any frosting problems.

Download the Prometeo HR400 brochure