Not all cavity insulation is the same. Foam is by far the best, beads & resin costs less, blown fibres are rubbish..
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Our client lived in a large period property with limited insulation and no ventilation. Classed as a ‘hard to treat’ property due to the narrow wall cavities and the surrounding manicured Flora, the beautiful property was incredibly expensive to keep warm and begining to suffer from damp and black mould. Something had to be done.

The owner had attempted to address the problem with the 'standard' insulation products, predominently a layer of mineral wool in the sizable loft. Having identified the walls as a major issue too, sadly our client had been turned down by numerous insulation firms, unwilling to tackle such a prestigious property. Fortunately he discovered Solarcrest who introduced him to breathable spray foam insulation. With a full fill inside the wall cavities and below the entire roof, combined with a fresh air ventlation system, the results in terms of air quality, comfort and above all running costs have been staggering..


" We had been looking for a reputable firm to insulate our house for some time but all the people we approached said that the cavity in our walls was too narrow to use beads or wool. So when I read about Solarcrest's foam system I thought this sounded ideal. We had the roof and the walls done and the house is now much warmer despite the significantly reduced gas consumption. In the event the installation caused a little disruption but all was soon back to normal and the results I think exceeded the Solarcrest forecast and our expectations."

“The installation of the foam insulation at our house took place over a year ago now and last winter we used 31% less gas than in the previous year. This equates to 30,290KwH less gas over the period and an annual saving of around £4,000."

“While we had some early doubts about the possible noise from the ventilation fans, that has proved to be absolutely minimal and the benefit in damp reduction has seen us having no more issues with condensation since the work was done.”

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