Working with Go Lo Macclesfield on a project funded by DECC via Cheshire East Counciol to provide an eco-showhome to promote the Green Deal.
An Eco Showhome..
The Eco Showhome
Sustainable redevelopment by locals for locals

When the government launched the Green Deal Scheme in 2012, a Community Interest Company named Go Lo was formed in Macclesfield as a Green Deal Provider to participate in the Government scheme to promote and deliver the Green Deal locally.

Needing a local and experienced eco retrofitter to refurbish two properties to the highest standard as eco-showhomes, Go-Lo approached Solarcrest. Funding for the scheme came from the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) via the local Cheshire East Council and allowed a major refurbishment of the home which is currently an occupied home.

The property offered its own difficulties, not least having already recently had a cosmetic renovation internally. Fitting the ducting for MVHR is often best done as part of a redecorating process as it involves drilling into walls, and to minimise damage to the recently decorated property, Solarcrest used the innovative technique of running the ducting through the external insulation where possible.

There were also issues with the flooring which led to heat-loss, which was fixed in part by extending the exterior wall insulation below ground level.

As well as MVHR and exterior wall insulation, Solarcrest supplied airtight roof insulation a daylight sun tube and LED lightbulbs in every fitting leading to the whole house being illuminated by less than 180 watts leading to electricity savings on top of the gas bill reduction. As one of the first installers to become involved in a Green Deal linked CiC, Solarcrest became Green Deal Pioneers.


Mike Rance was part of the project management for Go Lo.

“We had identified a property which would benefit greatly from this type of renovation for use as a Green Deal Pioneer Project show-home to exemplify for both members of the public and local authorities what could be achieved. Solarcrest were selected as a local installer with the appropriate skills and reputation in the industry.

“Despite there being a number of problems during the installation relating to a neighbour's ownership of space adjacent to the gable wall and the discovery that all of the property's underground drains needed replacing - all sorted with the help of Solarcrest - the work was completed to a high standard and we were able to use the property for display.

“As well as the Green Deal supported elements of the install, we also opted for MVHR to try and demonstrate the wider health benefits offered by the system over and above the warmer and above all more efficient properties suggested by the Green Deal package.”

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